Why Choose Organic Bamboo Baby Clothing?


Bamboo is an extremely versatile natural resource and offers countless benefits such as being sustainable and environmentally friendly.  Bamboo is often referred to as an ‘environmental wonder-plant’ because it’s cultivation is kind to the environment.

If you’re indecisive as to why you would choose Organic Bamboo Baby Clothing over conventional cotton then keep reading some of the many benefits below:

  • Blocks out up to 97.5% of harmful UV rays
  • Has a softer and more luxurious feel
  • Bacteria doesn’t like bamboo so your clothes won’t retain smell
  • Anti-static and sits well next to the skin
  • Grows naturally without the use of pesticides or fertilisers
  • Gentle on the skin and good for allergy prone skin
  • Moisture absorbing qualities and keeps you dry
  • Breathable and warm because of its hollow microfiber
  • 100% biodegradable