Why are more and more people favouring Organic Baby Clothing?

Organic cotton & bamboo are grown without using any chemical fertilisers or pesticides.  In other words – they aren’t farmed in conventional ways. Furthermore, after the harvesting process Organic Cotton and Bamboo doesn’t undergo any chemical bleaching, detergent washes, print dying etc like their conventionally produced counterpart’s.

But why all the hype? Organic fabrics are Eco friendly and produced in a ‘safer’ environment.  They are better for your health AND they last for more washes which means you save money over time.  Finally, it’s best to buy clothing made from natural fabrics as it reduces the risk of skin irritation.

Ultimately, the final decision as to whether you choose Organic Clothing is yours to make.  No matter what you choose, remember that the most important factors for choosing Baby Clothing are quality and hygiene.

If your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and prone to irritations, organic fabrics will be the safest option. If you cannot afford to fill your child’s wardrobe with only this kind of clothing, you should aim to buy organic materials for the ‘Essential Pieces‘ that come into direct contact with your baby’s skin, while the rest of their clothes can be made from regular fabrics.