Your guide to choosing Organic, Non-Toxic Nappy Rash Creams

Nappy Rash

Most babies will suffer from nappy rash in their first years of life. This very common irritation is caused by a number of things, from teething, to changing frequency to chafing to sensitive skin.  You’ll often find yourself applying a nappy rash cream which is why you’ll want to find a cream without chemicals and Toxins.

Toxins & our children

Toxins don’t belong in our kids products for so many reasons but most importantly because a baby’s skin absorbs toxins at increased rates; and since their bodies and immune systems are not fully developed they can not detoxify these chemicals.

Furthermore, the toxins found in nappy rash creams and balms are carcinogenic and have been linked to causing allergies as well as reproductive and organ system toxicity.

5 Toxins to avoid

Reducing your baby’s exposure to toxins isn’t an easy task.  The key when choosing a nappy rash cream is to make sure you read the ingredients and avoid the below toxins:

1. Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)
2. Propylparaben
3. Petrolatum
4. Boric Acid/Sodium Borate
5. Fragrance & Colouring’s

Did you know that another way to significantly reduce your child’s exposure to toxins is by choosing Organic Baby Clothing

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