Layered Muslin Blanket
Layered Muslin Blanket
Layered Muslin Blanket

Layered Muslin Blanket

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Layered Muslin Blanket – Natural (off-white)


These Baby Blankets are a MUST for all new Mummas - The beautiful cloud-like weight and stretchable nature of the fabric makes a perfect blanket/wrap for newborns.

Mummas have also loved using them as a bath towel - they're great at absorbing moisture & keeping the little ones warm after their bath.


Made from six layers of organic muslin cotton, these blankets are unbelievably soft & yet still breathable.  They are sure to be snuggled, loved, and treasured by you and your little one.


If not for you, Why not as a gift? 

- Colours: Natural and Pinky Beige

- Measurements: 120cm x 120cm
- Material:100% Muslin Cotton



Care Instructions:

- Wash before first use
- Machine wash cold, delicate cycle.
- Tumble dry on low
- Do not iron
- Do not dry clean

The crinkled look of these muslin blankets is achieved with washing and drying. The weave of the fabric looks flat prior to washing. It crinkles up with laundering, and may become more textured the more you wash & dry the blanket -- achieving the appearance you see in our product photos.