A Mother's time capsule

During ATB's photoshoot yesterday I held the naked foot of baby Greta and it was like my life's time capsule had been popped open without warning.  I wasn't expecting those little hidden treasured memories to re-surface, quite just yet.  I stood a little distracted as I held the camera in one hand and her tiny little foot in the other.  I marvelled at it's miniature perfection and softness.  I've more often than not found my creative self doing things that set my heart alight therefore, centering myself around babies is second nature to me and photography, well that's just a great love of mine.  Yesterday that 'in the moment' thing happened.  Standing still, "oohing!" and "aaahing!" at gorgeous-ness.  I felt content with the simplicity of human connection.  For myself, I've always believed that being a mother is by far the most important role I will ever have and as motherhood is a 'learning on the job' experience, no matter what age or stage the child, we as mothers are continuously learning to adapt.    I love to focus on the narrative, so I hope you enjoy ATBs as not just an online shop but also one where you logout and feel better about what you have seen, read or hope for tomorrow.  As mothers learn through observation, practice and experience remember to continue being the very best version of yourself and then like my day yesterday, it will end just like a beautiful long 'walk in the park'.

Much love, Sonya




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