• Baby swaddled in white blanket while resting on blue sheets Swaddling your Baby

    Did you know that swaddling is one of the safest, beneficial and gentle practices for parents and their babies?

    During the first few months, professionals recommend that your baby spend’s most of their time wrapped in a swaddling blanket.  This will assist with keeping them warm as well as mimic the security of the womb and help to reduce their startle reflex.

    These days there are so many swaddling blankets to choose from so it’s important to know what to look.

    Firstly make sure it’s a finely woven breathable fabric such as a gentle 100% Organic Muslin.  Not only is organic muslin one of the softest and most natural fabrics in the world but it is also the safest fabric for swaddling your baby.  The soft muslin helps trap the body heat and restrict movement whilst also creating a temperature womb-like environment that can help babies sleep.

    Secondly make sure it’s no smaller than 120cm x 120cm otherwise your baby will outgrow it in the first few months.

    Finally if you’re not prepared to buy an Organic Baby Muslin Wrap then at least buy a cotton muslin as opposed to a synthetic fabric.  Cotton is softer, more flexible and durable than synthetic fabrics.

  • Short Sleeve white organic cotton onesie What is Certified Organic?

    Certified Organic is a certification process for producers of organic products.  The Certification for Organic Textiles (such as organic baby clothing) involves the certification of EACH phase of organic fiber and textile production.

    Certification requirements generally involve a set of production standards for growing, storage, processing, packaging and shipping.  However the specific ‘certification requirements’ vary somewhat from country to country.

    A certified organic cotton or bamboo operation has to have been managed in accordance with the organic standards (free from prohibited chemical inputs) for more than 3 years.  Spinning, yarning, dyeing and garmenting are also required to be certified organic if the final product (e.g. onesie, muslin wrap etc) is to wear a “certified organic” label. The producer and manufacturer will continuously undergo periodic on-site inspections.

    In summary, the Certification of Organic Textiles ensures that Organic Clothing is made in a responsible way – chemically, socially and environmentally and therefore the safest clothing for your baby.


  • Baby sleeping on Blanket Organic Clothing

    Organic Baby Clothes

    It’s highly likely you have heard the term “organic” being used frequently and for many different things. It signifies that all the materials are naturally grown with no chemical additions using farming methods that fall within strict environmental guidelines. For organic baby clothing Australia families purchase, this can be comforting for the child along with the parent.

    What is Organic Baby Clothing?

    This is clothing made from natural materials that were grown under conditions that did not include pesticides, destruction of the soil, or compromising the water quality. This means that the clothing did not harm the environment and the materials themselves are strong, well made, and durable while being comfortable for the baby and the parents holding them.

    The clothing is made from cotton, but like any plant it is subject to attack by insects which is why on conventional farms they use pesticides. When grown organically, natural methods are used to keep the pests away so that the cotton is free of any toxins or harmful chemicals.

    Because the skin of babies is thinner, it tends to absorb more of the toxins and other unwanted compounds found in standard baby clothing. By going with organic baby clothing, the baby is protected because there are very few, if any toxins found in the materials.


    There are several benefits to organic baby Australia clothing that parents purchase to protect their child from possible reaction to synthetic materials. While organic baby clothes do not necessarily mean that all babies will not have an adverse allergic reaction, the chances of it happening are quite small compared to standard clothing made from non-organic materials.

    • Less Expensive
    • Protects the Environment
    • Stronger Fabrics
    • Comfortable Feel
    • Protects the Skin

    This type of clothing means that the cotton materials were grown without the use of pesticides. Plus, it prevents soil erosion or a lowering of water quality in the places where the materials are grown. This means that farmers and farm workers are protected as well.

    The fabric is cool, comfortable, and quite sturdy which means that it lasts longer under normal circumstances. Your children are protected thanks to the natural materials used and when washed using the right detergents they can last for a long time. Of course, not enough can be made about the comfortable feel of cotton which not only feels good against the skin, but also means fewer rough places that can irritate. For parents looking to keep their child cool and comfortable, natural cotton with no pesticides or chemicals offers many advantages.

    Organic baby clothing is easy to purchase in Australia if you know where to look. With the movement towards more organically grown fabrics for baby, children, and adult clothing, it may soon be that all natural materials are pesticide and chemical free. If you are looking to protect your child with the proper clothing, then organic baby clothes are the answer. You can find them for low, affordable prices and they will last a long time with the proper care.

  • Environmental picture with various descriptive words to represent Eco-friendly and green 5 Easy tips on creating an Eco-Friendly Home

    1. Use rugs on wooden floors to save 4-6% on power bills.

    2. Have a shower instead of a bath to save up to 86% on water consumption.

    3. Clean with Vinegar – its SO cheap and is a natural way to kill bacteria, germs & mould.

    4. Sleep on organic sheets because conventional cotton fabrics account for 25% of the world’s insecticide use.

    5. Remember to turn the water off when brushing your teeth.

  • Mum holding newborn 7 Reasons why you should choose Organic Baby Clothing

    1. Organic cotton hasn’t been treated with harsh chemicals and therefore you are actively reducing your baby’s exposure to toxins.
    2. The fibers of Organic Cotton are softer on their fragile young skin.
    3. Organic Cotton lasts up to 10 times longer before it begins to wear down from washing.
    4. By choosing Organic Baby Clothing you may pay a slightly higher premium but because it lasts longer it ends up saving you money.
    5. Another great feature of natural fibers are that they are temperature regulating meaning Organic Cotton can assist with maintaining a safe temperature for your baby.
    6. Because the production of Organic cotton excludes pesticides and other toxins this supports a healthier environment.
    7. There are no chemical retention’s from Organic Cotton Clothing which means its safe for people with skin allergies or hyper-sensitive skin to wear.