• Environmental picture with various descriptive words to represent Eco-friendly and green 5 Easy tips on creating an Eco-Friendly Home

    1. Use rugs on wooden floors to save 4-6% on power bills.

    2. Have a shower instead of a bath to save up to 86% on water consumption.

    3. Clean with Vinegar – its SO cheap and is a natural way to kill bacteria, germs & mould.

    4. Sleep on organic sheets because conventional cotton fabrics account for 25% of the world’s insecticide use.

    5. Remember to turn the water off when brushing your teeth.

  • Mum holding newborn 7 Reasons why you should choose Organic Baby Clothing

    1. Organic cotton hasn’t been treated with harsh chemicals and therefore you are actively reducing your baby’s exposure to toxins.
    2. The fibers of Organic Cotton are softer on their fragile young skin.
    3. Organic Cotton lasts up to 10 times longer before it begins to wear down from washing.
    4. By choosing Organic Baby Clothing you may pay a slightly higher premium but because it lasts longer it ends up saving you money.
    5. Another great feature of natural fibers are that they are temperature regulating meaning Organic Cotton can assist with maintaining a safe temperature for your baby.
    6. Because the production of Organic cotton excludes pesticides and other toxins this supports a healthier environment.
    7. There are no chemical retention’s from Organic Cotton Clothing which means its safe for people with skin allergies or hyper-sensitive skin to wear.