Our Story

Meet Sam & Amanda, a couple from the Gold Coast, Australia with a HUGE passion for being creative and a vision to be environmentally and socially responsible.

Creating a pure environment for our children was a vital decision so naturally we were drawn towards Organic Baby Clothing for our eldest daughter, Indie.  Then our second child, Willow was born with hyper-sensitive skin which found us exclusively in the market for non-toxic & low-allergenic clothing, i.e. organic baby clothing.  Frustrated by the poor quality and expensive range of essential organic baby clothing, we decided to take matters into our own hands. And that’s how All Things Bubs came about.

One thing that’s become very apparent since our transition to Organic Baby Clothing is that children are exposed to pollutants in many aspects of life.  So choosing Organic Fibers is a really proactive step you can make towards pure living, both for our babies and our environment.

Our mission is to provide quality and durable Organic Baby Clothing in a one-stop-shop to save you time. Let’s face it, time is a very valuable resource and even more so for Mum’s of young children.  We’re not saying that you won’t ever need any other baby clothes, rather we’re saying you can source all your ‘basic’ baby clothes at All Things Bubs to get you started.

What makes us special is that we don’t even attempt to enter the field of fashion (yet), we just aim to provide you with all the Organic Clothing Essentials that your baby will ‘actually’ need. And hey – we believe we’re in a good position to filter out the ‘non-essential’ baby clothes because of our hands on experience.

At All Things Bubs we hand pick the best quality and certified 100% organic fabrics.  Not only do we provide you with the finest quality organic cotton and bamboo baby clothing but over half our range is manufactured and produced in Australia.  This means we really are hands on when it comes to quality control.  In other words, we can be sure to provide you nothing but the best quality time after time.  Furthermore, we are making a positive difference to carbon footprint and supporting the local Australian economy.

So that’s us in a nutshell.  Why don’t you Join our VIP Club, come on our journey and make a positive difference to your child’s quality of life.

Our Team

Chief Number Cruncher

Co-Owner & Chief Number Cruncher

Photo of All Things Bubs Co-Founder, Amanda Eldridge

Co-Owner & Creative Genius

Indie Eldridge modelling an organic cotton white singlet

Miss Indie

Willow Eldridge modelling organic pink singlet

Miss Willow

Baby wearing white long onesie

Master Milo
Amateur Model

We only use 100% Organic Cotton & Bamboo


Our suppliers enhance employee, community and product safety. All products are created through economically-sensitive processes which minimise negative impacts on the environment and conserve natural resources.


No use of child labour, forced labour or excessive working hours.  We promote safe and healthy working conditions & no discrimination against employees.


Our key supplier has reduced the carbon footprint of their products by around 90% through: efficient manufacturing, innovative product design & using renewable wind power instead of standard grid electricity.

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