Our Story

With the everchanging social and environmental landscape of our world, I have always desired to contribute to its sustainability for current generations and the ones to come. Driven by the love for my family and passion for artisanal projects, I started creating bespoke handmade items during my second pregnancy for my soon-to-be-born bub. This is how the idea for these creations to have a reach beyond this family took its roots.

Sewing those passions together, I wanted to offer families a place that could be trusted to offer safe, durable and adorable products whilst assuring they remain ethical as well as environmental-friendly throughout their beloved life, from their creation to their return to the earth. Understanding the utmost importance for parents to be spending quality time with their children for their development and confidence, our mission is for this place to become a one-stop-shop which families could rely upon to ultimately fulfill all their bubs needs.

With these creations finding loving tiny embraces in your homes and families, we will collectively contribute to our world sustainability one bub at the time! Bring a smile, or better yet a giggle to your bub and help us make a difference!

From our family to yours!

Alexandra Lemay

So that’s us in a nutshell.  Why don’t you Join our VIP Club, come on our journey and make a positive difference to your child’s quality of life.

Our Promise

Adorable: We believe that however ethical or environmental a product is, it should only be adorable and brings you this: “Oh! So cute!” moment.

Organic: We only choose organic fabrics and natural materials. Better and healthier for your baby, better for the environment and the people working with those materials.

Quality: We believe in quality products and durable products for generations. We perform 100% check on all items we supply. We also offer a warrantee on multiples large items.

Ethic: All workers involved in the creation of the items have been treated fairly. Overseas or locally, we believe everyone should have good working conditions. We also believe in supporting small family businesses and mums in business. For each item in our shop, you will find the creation path.

Environmental: We only provide products that are environmentally friendly. We only use suppliers that have environmentally friendly processes and we produce ourselves in the best environmental manner. This includes providing you as much local and handmade products as possible. We are also carbon neutral.


Our suppliers enhance employee, community and product safety. All products are created through economically-sensitive processes which minimise negative impacts on the environment and conserve natural resources.


No use of child labour, forced labour or excessive working hours.  We promote safe and healthy working conditions & no discrimination against employees.


Our key supplier has reduced the carbon footprint of their products by around 90% through: efficient manufacturing, innovative product design & using renewable wind power instead of standard grid electricity.


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