A simple guide to buying practical baby clothes

A mother will change their baby’s clothing several times a day so don’t complicate it.  Below is a list of a few simple rules to keep in mind when shopping for baby clothing:

  • Know how the sizing works and don’t get too carried away.  It’s hard to predict what size your baby will start at and how long they will be in the newborn or 0-3 month clothing.  So the best tip is to only buy a few garments in the smaller sizes.  If in doubt then go larger; you can always roll the hem up.
  • Choose soft fabrics to protect your infant’s sensitive skin.  Keep it simple and stick to cotton or bamboo.  Tip: Organic cotton and bamboo are the softest and safest fabrics for dressing your baby
  • Ensure the clothing is comfortable, i.e. when dressing your baby make the clothing fit the infant and not vise versa.  Opt for items with a lap neck design for comfort and ease of changing.
  • Avoid any garments with irritating tags or seams.  Look out for brands that use inner neck heat stamps which replace conventional tags.
  • Make sure the garment is safe. Take special note of how secure the buttons, tags, zips, ribbons or decorative detailing is.  If anything comes loose it is a chocking hazard.